Interior Designing has grown into a science on its own in the past few years. Now people actually give a lot of importance especially to the interior and actually spend a lot of time getting their homes interior designed. Not only do they invest the time but invest a lot of money into as well. Plus if you’re having a home valuation, a modern interior design could be of huge advantage. Harlands are a great place to start, they come highly recommended from us. Because in the current world of today, people being busy with their everyday routines, it’s very important to create that perfect balance and harmony of space at home to enjoy life to the fullest. Including keeping your perfect interior clean with Crystal Clean Melbourne. They have a range of services to suit all clientele. We have put together a list of styles that are currently trending in modern homes. The whole genre of interior design is not bound to these styles but these are some of the most popular trendy designs at the moment.

  1. Mid Century Modern

Some of the most intricate designs came out in the 1900’s. During these times, the craftsmanship was taken to the next level. Niemeyer, Eames, Noguchi are some of the masters that defined designs of that time. They contained refined lines and minimal silhouettes. In this type of design many different materials and design styles are merged together to create a look that is not only appealing but also very pleasing to the eye.

  1. Industrial

This type of design takes its inspiration from the rise of the industrial era. In this kind, you’ll find a mixture of modern wood blended in with exposed walls and steels to create an industrial look. Classy tiles, a sleek-looking flushing toilet, and a clear bathroom mirror to accompany the homeowner even in the bathroom with their own image.

There can be a different varieties of industrial design, depending upon the liking of different people. You have the option to either create a modern cleaner industrial look with cleaner lines or you could just go with the old fashioned rugged look. There can be different kinds of industrial furniture ranging from rusted coffee tables to scruffy sofas, to ruffed up doors and industrial-looking locks from Fast Keys and the like.

  1. Nautical

This type of inspiration draws its inspiration from the New England beach house spirit. In this type of design, you’ll see that the main focus is on either the white colour or the sand colour as a base while the primary toning colour is usually blue.

Keeping in spirit with the new England beach house, in this type of design there is a wide variety of furniture, décor available that can of great help when taking care of the whole thing.

  1. Scandinavian

The Scandinavian type of interior design takes its inspiration from the mid-century modern movement. This type of interior designing is known for bringing in the culture of minimalistic designs and it’s very famous even today.

Simple and contemporary are the perfect definition of the kind of objects that can be used with this type of design. The usual colour scheme that is used in this type of design is white with gray which gives an overall balanced look to a home.

  1. Bohemian

This type of interior design is taking its inspiration from the carefree and adventure spirit. Vibrant colours are an important feature of such type of designs. The main purpose of this design is to intentionally create a messy look. Objects with nomadic vibes are also an important feature of such type of designing.