Nowadays,  a wedding that is made in heaven can cost a fortune.It costs as much as a new car or paying for the loans of a new house. Unfortunately, most of the couples cannot afford so much of costs and either falls into debt or lends money from elders.

Weddings are actually one of the ways in which we are convinced into buying new things for the special day. The amount of money we spend is sometimes as much as you can actually earn.You need to look at the spending pattern trends when it comes to various kinds of occasions. Marriages are one of the most important days when you tend to invest more than required at times.

So what is it that we invest in weddings for?

The wedding ring

Weddings rings are one of the most important and socially understood symbol of commitment for both the bride and the groom. It is believed that the wedding ring is worn on the ring finger while exchanging vows so that it reaches straight to your heart. Your engagement is the symbol of commitment and sends the message to the rest of the world as well.Once you are married, you would need to exchange your wedding rings and show others that you are in a permanent relationship now. A wedding ring can be really expensive based on the material.

Spending on wedding ceremonies

The main focus of the wedding should be to display the meaning of true marriage. Marriage Is the gift that helps to represent the relation between the husband and the wife. The wedding ceremony comprises of flowers, wedding decorations, meals, clothes and the venue as well. Which takes a lot of cleaning up, there’s no doubt you’ll need a house clearance in southend service as they will help with clearing up after the event. You also need to consider the guest list. There is actual no positive relation between the amount of money spent or the joy of marital success of the wedding. Even if you do spend a good amount of money, this can lead to marital problem and vice versa as well.

The wedding party

Though it is great to participate in a wedding ceremony, it might be really expensive for the people hosting it. Your lavish wedding affects you as well as the neighbors and relatives around you as well. There are any ways incurring costs like buying gifts for travelling and partying. Cap marquee hire Will help you to make your wedding a grand success.


The wedding reception

. It is definitely one of the best moments of your life when you can celebrate the best of events with your friends and families and the people whom you love. A wedding reception is a great chance to gather all the other people so that they can witness the best moments of your life. You can celebrate the reception lavishly as well as in a cost effective manner. The money can be spent on more important things after marriage as well.

Flowers and bouquets

Flowers and bouquets are definitely important in a wedding


The number of guests attending the party

The dinner ceremony

Your cost will vary on the quality of food you choose to serve your guests


A good venue would cost you a good deal of money

The clothes and jewelries

This is definitely an inevitable part of the investment in a  wedding along with jewelry as well

Hiring conveyance

There are times when you need to hire cabs for picking up and dropping guests /All your wedding services can be fulfilled with the help of Cap marquee hire